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Correct method of operation
- Sep 19, 2018 -

1.PVC Plastic Sheet production line preheating: This is the start of the mold before the heating action, need to warm up to close mold heating.

2. Mold clamping: The reasonable adjustment of the opening and closing die stroke is helpful to improve the product demoulding and product feeding effect. 

3.PVC Plastic Sheet production line preheating: Steam into the fixed-shift mold, the mold preheating, so that the mold is preheated at the same time, the remaining period of condensation water and cold air discharged.

function: Increase the mold temperature, strengthen the product apparent melting knot degree. 

4. Through heating: Improve the core of the product, the internal Fusion junction.

It is more serious to penetrate the heating consumption and waste steam.

5. Both sides heating: further enhance the heating effect, improve the product surface quality. 6. Return temperature (insulation): All valves closed, make full use of the mold waste heat, so that the product heat preservation.

It is advantageous to the surface fusion of products, and can save energy (steam) better. 7 Vacuum Cooling: Vacuum valve open, vacuum pump suction. So that the mold and products in the waste heat and water all empty, remove part of the foaming agent, to avoid product swell.

The formation of negative pressure inside the mold is conducive to product release.

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