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Introduction of plastic machinery
- Sep 19, 2018 -

According to the plastic products production process, plastic machinery can be divided into plastic mixing machinery, plastic molding machinery, plastic two times processing machinery and plastic processing auxiliary machinery or devices, such as four categories. Plastic blending machines are used in the manufacture of various forms of plastic compounding, including kneading machines, mixers (mixers and mixers), pelletizing machines, screening machines, crushers and grinding machines. Plastic molding machinery, also known as plastic processing machinery, used for plastic semi-products or products of the molding, including presses, injection molding machine, extrusion machine, blow molding machine, calender, rotational molding machine, foaming machine. Plastic two times processing machinery for the reprocessing and post-processing of plastic semi-products or products, including thermoforming machine, welding machine, welder, hot stamping machine, vacuum evaporation machine, flocking machine, printing presses and so on. Metal processing machines are also commonly used in plastic two-time processing. Plastic processing auxiliary machinery or equipment for the rationalization of the plastics processing process, including automatic metering feeding device, scrap automatic recovery device, injection molded product automatic removal device, injection mold quick change device, injection mold cooler, automatic thickness measuring device and raw material conveying and storage equipment.

This kind of auxiliary machinery or device, has become the modern plastic processing process automation indispensable part. The perfect degree of plastic machinery directly affects the quality, yield and cost of plastic semi-products or products, so it must be able to adapt to the changes of temperature and stress in the blending and processing of plastics, as well as the changes in the properties of molten materials, and adapt to special conditions such as chemical corrosion and mechanical wear. The specialty of plastic grade, the development of engineering plastics, the appearance of composites, the development of large-scale plastic products, light weight and thin-walled technology require plastic machinery to achieve: complete sets of products for the purpose of production, high-speed, labor-saving, automation to improve the production efficiency of products, to ensure that the product specifications and quality error minimum precision degree;

Low energy consumption, small footprint, easy and safe operation and maintenance.

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