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The function and advantages of cup lid forming machine
- Sep 19, 2018 -

Double-station separate unwinding frame, equipped with automatic lifting function.

Two-station electric furnace, improve production speed; Electric furnace sub-preheating and heating two sections, forming heating plate automatically closed, open, can be put down after the heating plate delayed power-on, the material waste limit in one trip.

Due to the use of body heating, the heating power and temperature are reduced, energy is saved and the stability of the plastic sheet is enhanced.

The forming station is provided with positive and negative pressure device.

The mold adopts the clamping plate to facilitate adjustment and installation.

The use of manipulator clamping feed mechanism, smooth running, accurate synchronization, the stroke from the 150-230mm arbitrarily adjustable;

All parts in contact with the plastic sheet are made of stainless steel or non-toxic materials, in line with the "gmp" requirements.

The main motor uses frequency conversion speed: The number of blanking from 10 to 20 times/minute adjustable, according to the length of the trip and molding difficult factors such as setting the appropriate number of punching.

All pneumatic, electrical components are used in high-grade support, the main components imported.

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