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Advantages Of The Molding Machine
- Sep 18, 2018 -

1.block forming machine compared with traditional clay brick machine, the raw material can choose industrial waste slag: coal dust, gangue, slag, smelting slag and various tailings slag as main raw material.

More environmentally friendly, more energy-efficient, waste recycling and reuse.

2.block molding machine using three bar up and down pressure once molding, after molding can immediately heap code, do not need a piece of brick board, is currently the latest model of domestic block bricks. 

3.block molding machine produced standard brick low cost, rich profits.Various necessary cost considerations, each tile cost 9 cents, the market price 2-3 times this.

4.Block molding machine body using high-precision, high-strength castings and special welding technology and materials manufacturing, good steel, vibration resistance, long life.

5.The block molding machine adopts the hydraulic pressure molding of the platform mold and vibration, adopts the round-trip guide feeding device, the molding cycle is short, the production efficiency is high, the block quality is dense and the size is precise.

6.Block molding machine adopts machine, electric and liquid integration technology, so that every cycle of equipment operation is consistent, so the molding output is high stability and low scrap rate.

7.Block Molding machine multi-use, through the replacement of molds can be produced by different specifications of porous bricks, hollow blocks, curbs, road brick and grass tree brick, flower brick and other cement products.

8.can be programmed according to production needs to achieve manual, semi-automatic, fully automated operation

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