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Development Trend Of Sheet Metal Machine
- Sep 18, 2018 -

Plastic packaging sheet is mainly used for the production of disposable plastic cups, plates, bowls, plates, boxes and other hot-molded products, widely used in food, vegetables, fruits, beverages, dairy, industrial parts and other fields of packaging. With the increasing domestic demand, packaging plastic thermoforming sheet used more and more widely, the dosage is also increasing year by day, promising. With the national attention to environmental protection, to adapt to the production of the "environmental degradation sheet production line," has been able to successfully supply various types of "degradation sheet". The use of  "Nano plastic " Manufacturing of "nano-sheet" has become another focus of attention, but also become a new "selling point of the manufacturers". In order to improve the shelf life of food and shelves, with the "high barrier performance of the sheet," has become the goal of the production enterprises to develop.

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