Automatic Cup Making Machine

The automatic cup making machine is used to thermoform the plastic sheet (roll) into different kinds of disposable plastic products: like plastic cups, containers, trays, bowls, boxes, covers, lids, etc. The shape of the products can be round, square, rectangular or other shapes.

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The Adjusting Operation of the automatic cup making machine

The adjustment of the limit of the width of the sheet. The back and front baffles can adjust the limit of the width of the sheet.

By the adjustment of hydraulic pressure and pneumatic pressure, the pressure required by shut the mould,draw,cut,etc can be easily reached.

The adjustment of the process flow of hydraulic pressure and pneumatic pressure,e.g., The electronic overflow valve, the non-return dam valve, the air filter adjusting the flow respectively, the speed required can be easily controlled.

The adjustment the length of the slice. Adjust the screw of screw of the pendulum rod and the moving orbit of the flywheel clutch to adjust the length of the slice.

The adjustment of the position of closing mould. Move up and down the 3 switches near the front leading board to adjust the position of closing and splitting mould.

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