Automatic Plastic Cup Counting Machine

The automatic plastic cup counting machine counts the cups automatically and pack the amounted cups into poly bags.It enables the packing process more efficient and save the manual labor.

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Introduction of the automatic plastic cup counting machine

1. Solve the problem of dust and fingerprint pollution of manual work.

2. Significant labor and materials cost savings over bags .

3. The packager of the automatic plastic cup counting machine is controlled by PLC and touchscreen . Easy to operate with quick,

easy changeover.

4.Automatically demand film feed length control. 

5.With the function of single row or double rows can pack in one bag .

6.Photocell sensor track color mark, pack with the printed film precisely.

7.Equip with the punch function

8.The guards are located all around the packager and are used for safety to keep away from dangerous moving parts .

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