Automatic Plastic Thermoforming Machine

The automatic plastic thermoforming machine is used to thermoform the plastic sheet (roll) into different kinds of disposable plastic products: like plastic cups, containers, trays, bowls, boxes, covers, lids, etc. The shape of the products can be round, square, rectangular or other shapes.

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The temperature of the automatic plastic thermoforming machine is controlled within one scale by an external temperature controller. At the same time, in order to facilitate the control of the sublimation cupping machine time, plus a time controller, when the set time is reached, the operator will be prompted.

From the circuit principle, the hot cupping machine is a temperature controller and a time controller that uniquely controls an electric heating device. The temperature and time can be set afterwards, and the temperature of the electric heating device is stabilized at the set value, and the time will also be After the set value is reached, the power is actively disconnected. Of course, this heating element is made of different shapes according to the cupping machine, and is formed into a cylindrical shape, a square plane, a round surface, a circular surface and the like, so as to make different products of the automatic plastic thermoforming machine.

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