Multi Stations Machine Thermoforming

Multi Stations Machine Thermoforming

The multi stations machine thermoforming is suitable to handle different materials, such as A-PET, R-PET, C-PET, BOPS, HIPS, PP, PLA, PVC and barrier material and to produce many items: trays, lids, fruits and vegetables boxes, flower pots, clamshells, nursery trays and plates.

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Features of multi stations machine thermoforming:

1. The clamping framework adopts single-crossbeam, double poles, which enlarge the space of setting mould, much easier to install mould.

2. Unique PREFILL technology and variable pressurizing technology are supplied to hydraulic system to achieve high capacity and reliability.

3. Specialized control system: The multi stations machine thermoforming is with the specified controller and software to operate the machine commission and parameter setting. All parameters can be saved and read by SD card, convenient for function and after-sales service.

4. Energy saving: Refer to our testing result, the multi stations machine thermoforming system can save at least 30% energy consumption which can directly displayed on the computer screen about the total and unit product energy consumption , this helps customers to understand the production cost.

5. Stripper station adopts long distance digital laser sensor for detection, to protect mould safety.

6. Stripper station installs light curtain, to protect safety of operating staff.

7. Optional servo rotary, precise, long using time, easy maintenance, save energy.

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