PE Extrusion Machine

The PE extrusion machine is used to produce plastic sheet or rolls. The material can be PP,PS and PE. The sheet can be used in thermoforming machine to produce disposable plastic cups, lids, trays, boxes, etc..

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PE extrusion machine Characteristics

1.It includes screw extruder, 3-roll calendar, traction rewinder, electrical control cabinet etc.

2.Screw and barrel are made of high quality alloy steel nitrogen-treated which has high hardness, strong corrosion resistance and long service life.

3.Liquid runner in the die head is designed as "hanger" to ensure the surface of sheet smooth.

4.The temperature in net changer of die head is piecewise controlled.

5.Roller temperature is controlled by 3-way automatic control systems and circulating water has good cooling effect.

6.All transmission devices are in synchronous running.

The PE extrusion machine is mainly applied to produce PP, PE, PS, HIPS sheet etc. And they can make disposable plastic cups, drink cups, ice cream cups, jelly cup and other packing containers.

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