Plastic PS Extrusion Machine

The plastic PS extrusion machine is used to produce plastic sheet or rolls. The material can be PP,PS and PE. The sheet can be used in thermoforming machine to produce disposable plastic cups, lids, trays, boxes, etc..

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Maintenance and safeguard of the plastic PS extrusion machine

1. Calender roller, side cutting knife, finely turn screw stem and other out parts which easily rust, after stop running the machine, wipe the anti-rust oil at once, in case that the surface gets rusty.

2. Pay attention to whether the calender roller and transmission system, make roll friction tray device good lubricate state, should be change in time when the lubricate oil and lubricate grease are aging.

3. Often check whether the slowdown box have the enough lubrication oil.

4. Check the machine on a regular basis : whether the screw stem, bolt and nut become flexible; whether the jointing craze; whether the electric instrument failure; whether the electric line connection welding point fastness; whether leak water, oil and change the parts in time.

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