Plastic Roll Extrusion Line

The PP extrusion line is used to produce plastic sheet or rolls. The material can be PP,PS and PE. The sheet can be used in thermoforming machine to produce disposable plastic cups, lids, trays, boxes, etc..

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PP extrusion line is a combination of extruder, mesh changer, machine head, calender, rewinder and electric control console etc.

Extruder of PP extrusion line:

It is combination of machine shelf, gear slowdown box, machine roller, screw stem, hopper, timing motor, and heating system. The main effect is heating by heating system, change the plastic particle with from the hopper to machine roller into the flowing type, then according to the screw stem circumrotate which effect by the slowdown box push into the machine head and get the rough sheet.

1. Machine head:

Choose the type of hanger-type branch pipe decreasing-style construction, combination of up-down mould, inching structure and heating machine ect. Main effect is produce necessary press more make the material plastic and mix equality, through the die mouth pile out the molding rough sheet, then get them into the calender.

2. Calender

It is combination of machine shelf, calender roller, slowdown box, timing motor, pneumatic adjust distance device, inching handwheel, cooling system ect.

The effect of the machine is bring pressure to bear on the rough sheet which from the machine head, force the rough sheet into the needed thickness and finalize the design, make the thickness equality, surface level up and lubricity, texture burliness.

3. Rewinder 

It is combination of machine shelf, rewinder roller, timing motor, cutting device, rewinder device. The effect is sufficiency cooling the sheets which from the calender make them complete solidify, use the cutting device to cut them in the required specification, rewinder device make the sheets in roll, but can make the sheets no wrinkle and even.

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