Ruian Thermoforming Cup Machine

The ruian thermoforming cup machine is used to thermoform the plastic sheet (roll) into different kinds of disposable plastic products: like plastic cups, containers, trays, bowls, boxes, covers, lids, etc. The shape of the products can be round, square, rectangular or other shapes.

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The ruian thermoforming cup machine Testing

1.Starting hydraulic (pump) button counterclockwise to unscrew the pressure regulating valve. Its pressure gauge should indicate (normal operating pressure regulator in 8-12Mpa), Otherwise, change the direction of motor rotation and rewiring. Feeding speed control on the minimum range, after press the feed button, then increase speed, the cam should turn its back, otherwise rewiring. Slow down and stop.

2.All heating buttons closed, select the desired temperature controller heating temperature (according to sheet thickness, speed determines the temperature), start heating the oven and heating box, temperature control device in response to temperature indication. If there is any fault, it should be immediately removed.

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