Single Layer Plastic PET Extruder

Single Layer Plastic PET Extruder

The single layer plastic PET extruder is used to produce plastic sheet or rolls. The material can be PP, PS and PE. The sheet can be used in thermoforming machine to produce disposable plastic cups, lids, trays, boxes, etc.

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Our company uses advanced technology to manufacture single layer plastic PET extruder, uses twin-screw direct extrusion processing PET sheet, multi-channel vacuum exhaust, without pre-crystallization drying, can save more than 40%. At the same time, due to the configuration of the non-stop screen changer, 100% of the recycled material can be used for production, which greatly reduces the cost. Due to the use of a twin-screw extruder, it is possible to add calcium carbonate, PE and other materials for blending and modification, thereby achieving the purpose of reducing cost and improving toughness, such as production of plastic flower pots and the like.

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